With COVID-19 vaccines rolling out, offering the promise of a return to live events, many art lovers in Middle Tennessee may be wondering about the art shows that will be available to them.

It’s a desire for artistic expression that regional visual artist Anne Goetze is prepared to answer. Through the pandemic, Anne held the socially-distanced art exhibitions “Down a Country Road.” Hosted at Columbia’s historic venue the Theta General Store, “Down a Country Road I” and “Down a Country Road II” displayed the artistic output of some of the best visual artists the region has to offer in shows that engaged several hundred attendees. 

Pictured: One of photographer Ken Tucker’s images of Greeter Falls.

Now, with Middle Tennesseans looking for safe live events, Anne is bringing “Down a Country Road III” to the Theta General Store on May 22-23.

“The first two shows were very fulfilling, but definitely a challenge,” Anne says. “I hope that with this series, we can not only celebrate and connect with one another through the beauty of nature and the arts, but find a renewal of spirit in the process.”

Pictured: Artwork from Nathan Collie.

The lineup for “Down a Country Road III” will feature the nature and travel-themed artwork of Byron Jorjorian, Ken Tucker, Larry Montgomery,  Bianca Mason, Nathan Collie, Anne Goetze, and the GRAMMY Award-winning Bill Miller. The works featured will be a mix of various styles of painting, photography, and sculpture. They are intended to celebrate the natural world and show just how important the work of environmental conservation is to the State of Tennessee.

While ideal weather and bucolic images will certainly be a feature, the art show isn’t just about showing the importance of Mother Nature. Being an artist herself, Anne knows that many artists are still struggling due to COVID’s economic side effects. That’s why a portion of the proceeds will go to benefitting the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville’s Artist Relief Fund.  

Pictured: A sculpture from artist Bill Miller.

With this third installment in the “Down a Country Road” exhibition series, Anne believes that people need art now more than ever. She says, “Spring is the season for a fresh start. With this art show, I’m hoping to help people get excited about life and nature after such an awful time. ‘Down a Country Road III’ should be an opportunity for people to stretch their legs, see friends and family members, and take in some fresh air after being trapped inside for over a year. My wish is that people attend the show and take in some fresh perspectives. After all, that’s the true purpose of art.”

Pictured: A painting from Anne Goetze, titled “A Farmer’s Line.”

Social distancing guidelines will still be in effect for the series, as the generous space provided by the Theta General Store—including the outdoor areas where our guests can sit—will make certain that visitors don’t have to be in close proximity unless they’re having a great conversation. Hand sanitizer, bottled water, and light snacks will be provided. 

“Down a Country Road III” will be held at the Theta General Store May 22-23, from 11:00 a.m. ̶ 6: 00 p.m. Guests are encouraged to RSVP for this show.  The Theta General Store is located at 2278 Les Robinson Road. Columbia, TN 38417. For further information about the event, please call (931) 797-1746.

Pictured: An image from photographer Bianca Mason.